Pamlico County Schools

The Pamlico County Board of Education is in the process of revising its board policy manual using the Policies to Lead the Schools (PLS) manual published by the North Carolina School Boards Association (NCSBA). It is anticipated that the full transition and revision process will take approximately two years to complete.

During the transition, the Board will maintain two policy manuals. As new policies are adopted and added to the New Policy Manual, the policies that are being replaced will be removed from the Old Policy Manual.

Please be aware of the following during the transition to the New Policy Manual:

  1. Existing board policies remain in effect until each policy is superseded by the new PLS-based policy on the same topic or is repealed by the Board. There is not a perfect one-to-one correspondence between the old and new policies, so when only part of an existing policy is superseded by a new policy, the remainder will continue in effect until the entire policy is superseded and rescinded by the Board.
  2. In the event of a conflict between information contained in a policy located in the Old Policy Manual and a policy located in the New Policy Manual, the newly adopted policy takes precedence.
  3. Policies in the New Policy Manual may contain cross references to policies that have not yet been reviewed or adopted. Such references shall have no binding effect on the Board until the Board adopts the referenced policy.
  4. The search function searches only one manual at a time. For example, if the link for the New Policy Manual is selected, a search for a keyword or phrase will return only results from the new manual. If you are having difficulty finding a policy, please be sure that you have conducted a search in both the new and old manuals.

The charts below are provided to help members of the school community locate specific policies. Use the Preliminary Correlation Table to find which old policy(ies) are comparable to a new policy. Use the Reverse Correlation Table to find which new policy(ies) are comparable to an old policy.

Preliminary Correlation Table

Reverse Correlation Table

Pamlico County Schools OLD Policy Manual

Pamlico County Schools NEW Policy Manual