The New Hanover County Schools Board of Education is in the process of revising its board policy manual. It is anticipated that the full transition and revision process will take place over the course of several years.

During the revision process, the Board will maintain two policy manuals. As new policies are adopted and added to the New Policy Manual, correlating old policies (either in whole or in part) will be removed from the Old Policy Manual. The Board will attempt to provide strikeout versions of any old policy that has been only partially superseded. In the event of a conflict between information contained in a policy located in the old manual and a policy located in the new manual, the newly adopted policy takes precedence.

If you are looking for a particular policy or regulation, first check the New Policy Manual. If you cannot find that particular policy or regulation in the New Policy Manual, please then refer to and search the Old Policy Manual.

Please be aware that the New Policy Manual may contain cross references to policies that have not yet been reviewed or adopted.

The search function only searches one manual at a time. If you select the link for the New Policy Manual and search for a keyword or phrase, only results found in the New Policy Manual will be returned. If you are having difficulty finding a policy, please make sure that you have conducted a search in both the new and the old manuals.

There are some numbering conflicts that will result in two different policies having the same number, although the policies address different topics. If you know the number of the policy for which you are searching, please ensure that you search in both manuals.

If you have additional questions regarding a particular policy or regulation or would like to check the status of a policy or regulation, please contact Kimberly Joye at

The following charts show which old policies correspond to each new policy and which new policies correspond to each old policy.

Preliminary Correlation Table

Reverse Correlation Table

New Hanover County Public Schools OLD Policy Manual

New Hanover County Public Schools NEW Policy Manual